Fort Worth Camera, designed by Ibañez Shaw Architecture and built by Tim Pulliam of Concrete Work L.P., sits on Montgomery Street, a commercial corridor that lies between the Arlington Heights neighborhood and the Museum/Cultural District in Fort Worth, Texas. The Museum of Science and History by Legoretta +Legoretta is directly across the street. The District is also home to Tadao Ando’s wonderful concrete Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, and the masterwork Kimball Art Museum, designed by Louis Kahn.

The Fort Worth Camera building houses photography classrooms, studios, and a retail area. The hole pattern in the concrete screen wall depicts the graphic proportionality of seven standard apertures that restrict how much light is allowed to enter the camera. The openings in the wall are conically flared to increase the visual transparency and graphic presentation. The upper level walls and the aperture wall were poured on the ground and lifted into place, while the lower level walls were cast in place. The yellow box holds the children’s area….